Wednesday, October 22, 2008

sick of it

an open letter
to a female co-worker

When I bring in a bag of tootsie rolls
and place them in a container on my desk

Yes - they are for "everyone"..
with in reason of course

Sure - I like to share..
Take a few...! Enjoy! Have a great day!

But when you come in every morning
and proceed to jam your face full of candy as if
you had not eaten in weeks and THEN take handfuls
and put them in your pocket for later...

I take issue with that.

Just so you know..
I'm not a fucking soup kitchen

If you're so god damn hungry
Have an Eggo waffle in the morning..
Stop at McDonald's and grab some McBreakfast...

I don't give a shit where you go - just as long as you realize
my desk is not the new all you can eat buffet

Jen @ casual slack
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