Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Amy gave me the letter K to write about.
I need to write about 10 things that I like that start with K

1. Kittens - If you don't like kittens you have no soul
2. Kites - We usually go to Newport, RI a couple times a year
and fly kites - there's a perfect spot near the water,
everyone goes there to fly kites.. I recommend it.
3. Kalamazoo, Michigan - I have never been there, it might be
a shit hole for all I know...I just like the name
4. Karma - "It's everywhere you're going to be"
5. Kayaks - I want to buy one, but my husband says
I spend too much money
6. Kangaroo - I like Kangaroos - Hey.. does anyone remember
those sneakers with the little kangaroo on them
- and they had the zipper pocket??
7. Kryptonite - It's a pretty shade of green
8. Ketchup - Love the stuff
9. Kleenex - I sneeze a lot
10. Knowledge - I Like to know stuff

Do YOU want to write about a letter?
Let me know and I shall assign you a letter.


Lynda said...

I don't just like kittens, I LOVE kittens.

And Kalamazoo is a big shit hole. I have been there. Unless Dan and I never found the nice part. I do remember I almost had to get a tetnus shot after staying in the motel. And they had some plumbing issues. And the rest of the town...well, only the name is cool. Trust me. (Unless you like beer, then the Bell's is cool too, if you are Dan. I don't like beer.)

Grant Miller said...

Can I write about the letter Q?

Your Girl Friday said...

Oh! Assign me a letter Miss Slack!!! Pretty Please!!

Nobody™ said...

Mrs Nobody once wanted to move to Kalamazoo. Since I didn't know where the heck I would work at there we didn't go. I've never regretted that decision for even one second. Not that East Undershirt is all that great...

Jen said...

ygf - I give thee the letter "F"

Lynda said...

Ok, I have thought long and hard about this. If you letter me, I will try to remember. But it might not be until after my mom's surgery. Unless I forget.

Letter me.

Jen said...

I shall letter you.... "R"

Amy said...

Kalamazoo is pretty crummy. And now Battle Creek, which at least had the cereal museum, is just as crummy.

I had Kangaroo shoes in sixth grade. I used to keep my lunch money (50 cents?) in the pocket. It was hard to get the money out while holding my leg up and standing in the lunch line.

Lynda said...

I will do R on Monday.