Thursday, January 24, 2008

guest post

A Guest post today
courtesy of my friend Angela A.K.A. 2fools

Remember that time you and I were little and we were playing
outside - and we were having such a good time,
that neither of us wanted to go inside....
I remember we were sitting outside in front of your mom's house
making each other laugh and eating oranges.
When it was finally time for us to go inside we both peed our pants,
neither of us wanted to be the first to walk in the house.
It was a "peed pants stand-off" if you will. "No, you go in...
NO! You go first and then I'll go..."
Neither of us wanted the other to know we peed our pants, but the more we
insisted the other go first, it was clear...the pants had been peed.
Just then, your mom calls out the door,
"You two beauties come inside and have some lunch.
and of course, poor little Angie, had to be the first to go in....
...I wanted to thank you for coming to my rescue that day,
though. You really had my back. :)
I remember we both blamed the oranges
for making us pee our pants
That day would always be known as "the Oranges Incident"

*graphic by 2fools


2 fools said...

I so enjoyed the little, tiny, teeny, tiny-teeny, credit I got for my awesome artwork.



Teri said...


I love your stories.

Teri said...

I love the smurf shirt.

Ed said...

That was funny...did that happen last year?

Moderator said...

When was this?

Anonymous said...

Your stories make my day.

Chris Hinrichs said...

Well done.

Annie said...

Nice graphic. It looks just like you.

Sans Pantaloons said...

An awesome graphic for an awesome friendship!

Anonymous said...

Well as the old saying goes:
"When life hands you oranges, make lemonade."

SkylersDad said...

Only by reading your blog have I now realized that peeing my pants may not be such a good thing...

M@ said...

That happened to me and "Donna" at work today. God, I love that girl.