Friday, January 04, 2008


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1. I whistle xmas songs all year long at work (mostly jingle bells)

2. I loathe wallpaper stores and curtain stores -
My mom would drag me in them when I was a kid for what seemed
to be HOURS. I recently went shopping with my mother and we stopped into a
store called "County Curtains" I lasted about 5 minutes and I had to go wait outside
because I couldn't breathe - "I gotta get out of here!!!"

3. I'm obsessed with growing flowers / some vegetables
- I have an entire room in my house devoted to seed propagation

4. I prefer "scruffy" looking men to clean cut - I dig beards

5. My favorite item of clothing is a black hoodie sweatshirt

6. My father would drink a full glass of whiskey with a splash of diet coke..
for lunch then one with dinner.. then one after dinner.. etc. etc. etc.

7. My favorite decade is the 90's and I love 90's music

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Anonymous said...

Oooo you knew I was reading this LOL...

I have to add some blogs to my page... now i have no one to tag !!!! Damn!


Annie said...

I think I'll try the whiskey thing. I think it work for me. ;)

Bob said...

I love 90s music too.

Mrs Nobody doesn't seem to care for my beard. She's a dork.

Micgar said...

Ok Jen-you got me! 7 weird things...7 weird things...hmmm

Mel said...

Damn you Ms Slack!!!!!

Haha. naw its ok I have to do it for Nobody anyway :)

I dont care for beards, its just how I roll :)

Teri said...

"teri the great".......**heavy sigh**

M@ said...

You like scruffy, eh?

Special K said...

Okay, #5 scares me a little.

Jen said...

nothing beats
a hooded sweatshirt

it's slack defined!

mixednut said...

Can you talk about the grow room, I mean, seed population room?

SkylersDad said...

Nice answers Jen, thanks for playing along!

Anonymous said...

The 90's was my worst decade. I'll always hate the 90's.