Wednesday, January 09, 2008


HellBoy II
watchy here


Jim said...

I just posted a trailer, too.. then came to the Slack and saw your post. WEIRD!!!

Jen said...


great minds think
alike Jimmy!!!

Sushiboy said...

They did a good job with the first one. Looks like the summer will have a few 'good' comic book movies to keep me happy. I wasn't in to Fantastic IV: 2 or Spidey 3. :P Batman looks good and now we have some hellboy. Hooray!

Anonymous said...

I could take on Hellboy. I'd kick his ass.

M@ said...

Yeah, I'll have to buy that.... Does it have subtitles?

Jen said...

but the subtitles
are in Russian

Annie said...

Reminds me of Rambo with a bit of rosacea.
Seems like a great first date movie :D

Dale said...

I loved Hellboy, I hope this one is awesome too! Thanks for the trailer, I must go watch now.