Thursday, February 28, 2008


And now...
a fascinating clip
brought to you by casual slack

it's probably the
most exciting video
you'll see this year..

*you're welcome


Anonymous said...

Timmy needs a lozenge. HAHA Aww, good kitty.

Jen said...

he totally needs
a lozenge

I was thinking
the exact same thing..

hapabukbuk said...

LOVE that he takes them out one at a time. at least he's not greedy!

Teri said...

I never saw his photo on "Stuff on my Cat". Did they ever post it?

Jen said...

oh yeah!!
I forgot about that

I did send one in..
the one with the black hat

those bastards never posted it..!

Teri said...

I wonder if they're really backed up with their photos?

Jen said...

I think it's

because he's so gorgeous..