Monday, February 25, 2008

a conversation

And now..
a conversation
that took place this morning

at work

Between Me and two co-workers
Bert and Jo-ann

Bert answers the phone...

Bert: "Hello... yes!
please hold...Ann, Frank - Ann! Frank is on line one"

Me: "ANNE FRANK she was famous"

Bert: "She was blind"

Me: "What?"

Bert: "Anne Frank" "She was blind, right? Famous for being blind"

Me: "You Canadians don't know what the hell you're talkin' a boot"

Bert: "Anne Frank.. she was blind AND deaf"

Me: "Nooooo, no... she was the one locked in the cabinet"

Jo-Ann: "Cabinet... Bwhahahaha"

Me: "I mean attic.. attic!.. she was locked in an attic.. she was hiding
from the Nazi's"

Jo-Ann: "You said cabinet because I'm working on a kitchen
cabinet ad, that's hilarious, Bwahahaha"

Bert: "She was the blind girl"

Me: "Noo Bert, she was Jewish ...with the book!! the book , remember the book?"

Bert: "She wasn't blind?"

Me: "No, I think you're thinking of Helen Keller..."

Jo-Ann: "Cabinet - HAhahahahha locked in a cabinet"

Bert: "Helen Keller??- was she Jewish?"

Jo-Ann: "I don't think so.. she was from South"

Bert: "The SOUTH? that's a shame"

Me: "I know"

This is just one more example
of how my life at similar to
a three stooges episode

the end


Goggles Piasano Ritardo said...

slap them next time if the stooges behavior gets to you.

Lynda said...

Anne Frank's hiding area was behind a swinging bookcase. That's kind of like a cabinet.

MC said...

God, just feel lucky you don't work with a Bruce and a Lee.

Bob said...

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^^Helen Kellers comment

SkylersDad said...

I think it was Helen Frank that was blind, locked in a cabinet and hiding from the Nazi's...

Mel said...

OMG I just spit when I read nobody's comment....good stuff!

You work with Geniuses!!

Teri said...

how do you get any work done in that nut house?

Anonymous said...

lol, they had the same conversation in Clerks 2.

Jen said...

sinister bunny - Holy Shit!!
I Can't believe that!

There is no way Bert ever saw that movie.. I saw it but have no memory of that scene...
so that truly was an amazing