Tuesday, February 26, 2008

no like

Even though I vowed never to try any type of sushi...
While dining at a Japanese Restaurant over the weekend
with some friends, I said - what the hell..
and tried a piece of their
"California Roll"

my reaction:

*Wipe Tearing Eyes
**Drink Water
**Drink More Water
the end

I'm still having flashbacks

What the hell do you people see in this crap?


Holly {ArtistMotherTeacher} said...

I cannot bring myself to eat the raw fish sushi but I do like the California roll. It's the wasabi and the avocado for me.

Ed said...

I don't know but I avoid it like the plague. My girlfriend got food poisening from a sushi place about two weeks ago. I tried to warn her!

Sushiboy said...

Since you don't like meat I can see why you don't like California rolls. Maybe you should try a vegetable only roll. aka no crab or krab (imitation crab, the fish with crab essence in it)

I love sushi. I was convinced I wouldn't like it. But I was wrong. Its num num. Sushi isn't just raw fish. Sushi refers the the sushi rice (prepared in a sweet/sour kind of way). Sushi rice and veggies are the bomb.

There is (if you look) places you can get chizari (loose) sushi and tempura veggies with no meat. I'd bet you would actually like that dish Jen. You should check it out.

Lynda said...

I like the spicy shrimp rolls. The sushi I eat tends to be the cooked fish variety though.

Jason said...

Philadelphia rolls are the bomb! It's smoked salmon and cream cheese. I'm also a big fan of spicy tuna rolls or garlic and albacore nigiri. Mmmmmmm sushi!

Jim said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry Jen! Well, at least you know now that you won't make that tragic mistake again...

MC said...

To me it sounds like the wasabi is the problem here. Blech!

Some Guy said...

I'm with you, Jen. I don't get it.

SkylersDad said...

I am soooo with you, bleah!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you COMPLETELY. My husband and all my friends love sushi.... so we also compromise and go to a place that has a raw bar, but normal food for the less adventurous (i.e. ME). At least there is sake for me to drink!

Mel said...

I am with you, no one can convince me to eat raw fish! ewwwwwwwwwwwww

Micgar said...

Yeah-I agree! I don't get it! That looks nasty! There are some things you just don't eat raw that's one of 'em!