Monday, February 04, 2008


Co-worker Flashback
circa 1998

I use to work with this girl "Melissa"
years back..

She made me laugh -

Melissa would to drive to work...
then a few hours later she would leave
drive her car back to her apartment so her husband could take it
then she'd get on a bus and come back to work..
I never understood why she just didnt take the bus to begin with

Things Melissa told me:

• Her husband, O'bul (He was from pakistan)
would spit in paper towels and leave them all over the house..
this made Melissa angry.

• She would be late for work everyday - Her reason:
She had to make tea for O'bul and she had to wait for him to
finish it before she could leave the house or he would get mad.

• Her grandmother would get random items
in the house like a stapler or whatever was lying around
and she would put them in cereal boxes
and give it as a gift for Birthdays or Christmas or for no reason

AND her grandmother would throw herself down the stairs
from time to time just to get attention.

• She was ashamed that she knew all the words to "Livin La Vida Loca".

One day Melisa went to lunch
and never came back to work

but before she left
she made me this picture
and I'll always treasure it - I keep it in my desk at work

I miss her - she made me laugh

the end

*this has been another fascinating post from casual slack


SkylersDad said...

That picture is slightly disturbing...

Jen said...

even more disturbing
she kinda looked like
the one that's being
run over..

Maybe O'bul was
driving the truck?


Annie said...

She was a very sweet girl. I too miss her. Although she never drew me a picture. Now I feel left out...

Teri said...

I want to know what happened to Melissa. Did she dies a mysterious death? Did she find another job? Did she go underground because her husband was a crazy lunatic?

2 fools said...

Perhaps O'Bul divorced her for someone more his type...say for instance, an O'Cow? (okay, that was gay) Wow, that is one weird picture. I'm willing to bet each of you a shiny penny that Jen drew the blood into the picture. MM hmm.

Dale said...

I blame the grandmother.

Anonymous said...

Wow that picture is so full of emotion - I'd put my vote that the woman in the photo is representative of her, and the truck of her husband.

Poor woman - I hope she's okay.

Anonymous said...

I hope she is ok. Its scary in a way.

Anonymous said...

There are no words - only laughter

Lynda said...

Sounds like she was in an strange relationship.

Micgar said...

Geez hope she's ok. with a guy like that you don't know.
I think O'bul should have been the one on the road and Melissa driving!