Monday, March 03, 2008

a conversation

A conversation between
my husband and I
on Sunday morning

Tim: You look rough..

Me: What?

Tim: You look like you were up all night drinking

Me: I do?
I guess 13 hours sleep wasn't enough
should I go back to bed?

Tim: Did you comb your hair?

Me: fuck you...
lets get a coffee

Tim: okay


SkylersDad said...

Almost as romantic as things are around my house...

Ed said...

Boy...if that isn't a Starbucks commercial waiting to happen, nothing is

Moderator said...

That's married life in a nutshell.

Coffeypot said...

Maybe the 'fuck you' is why your hair was messed up in the first place.

Micgar said...

As Grant said, that sounds like typical married conversation. Yep par for the cour-hey! slap! I was just writing...something...its nothing! push!

Anonymous said...

"Maybe the 'fuck you' is why your hair was messed up in the first place."


Scarlet said...

"You look rough...."

Well, it was probably a change from what he normally says first thing.

"Where's my breakfast, biatch"

or is it

"Money's on the dresser."

Double ZINGER!!

Jen said...

I laughed at all of these

"Starbucks commercial waiting to happen"