Wednesday, March 05, 2008

he's dying

I'm no Patrick Swayze fan...
he's a a dancing, singing sprite
if you ask me..
but I just read he has
pancreatic cancer and it spread..
that sucks..

The "Road House" fan club members will
devastated when they hear of this news



Teri said...

"he's a a dancing, singing sprite"


I love your terminology.

Micgar said...

I never liked the guy in any movies,(he reminded me of a redneck) but geez, that doesn't sound good. I read different things about how he's doing, but generally that's one of the worst cancers.

Coffeypot said...

On MSN they are saying the does have cancer, but it is a small amount and he is responding well to treatment. He has a movie and a TV movie coming out this year. Your first hint that it was more spectacular than it should be was THE NATIONAL ENQUIRY. I’m surprised they didn’t say he has been cured by alien abduction – though I hear he likes being probed.

Bob said...

Pancreatic cancer is almost always terminal. A coworker of mine was diagnosed with it about 6 months ago. I wouldn't wish that disease on anyone, even Patrick Swayze.

Anonymous said...

Check out my photo gallery of Patrick: