Wednesday, March 05, 2008

a conversation

a conversation
overheard at work today
between to of my co-worker / pals
Ann & Jo-Ann

Ann: Heading towards the door - on her way out for the day...

(with great urgency in her voice) "ANN!! ANN!!
Wait! Don't Leave!!!!!
I need to ask you something before you leave -
how do you want me to put the toilet paper on the holder??
I don't want to get it wrong again..."

Ann: runs over to the bathroom door " like this... over.. not under Over
under is just wrong because when you grab it - the slack goes on the floor..
on the dirty floor.. that's no good"

Jo-Ann: "OKay some people like it the other way, I wasn't sure
but I'll do it over - as long as it's all right with you"

Ann: "that's fine"

Me: Thinking to myself: We can all breathe easy now that this toilet
paper dilemma has been averted

the end


Anonymous said...

JoAnn - what a suck up. *rolling my eyes*

Doris said...

No shit?! ;-)

Anonymous said...

"the slack goes on the floor.."

Them's fightin' words right there!

Ed said...

Hah. I'd replace the whole thing with a little shelf and then proceed to put single-ply individual squares stacked up there. Boy, that'd piss everyone off. Fun!

Coffeypot said...

You work with some sad people don't you?

Annie said...

You forgot very important parts of the conversation.

When Jo-ann called me over, I said "You don't have to do it for me",

then you yelled over..."what way do you like it, over or under, over or under?"

You seemed very concerned as well.

You kept motioning with your hands over or under and so I looked at you and motioned over!

Fantastagirl said...
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SkylersDad said...

You mean your company doen't buy you the very best?

Micgar said...

At least she wasn't talking about the CASUAL slack.

Mel said...

Sigh and I bet they both make more money than me!