Monday, March 17, 2008


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1. Link back to the original post.
2. Describe two t-shirts that you own.
3. If you design your own vanity t-shirt what would it say?
4. Where would you wear your vanity t-shirt?
5. Tag three of your best blogging buds.

1. I own this...

WHY? I think it does a fine job expressing
my true feelings toward mankind

2. I also own this...

WHY? Because it makes people laugh.. including myself.

3. If you design your own vanity t-shirt...
I would make this

WHERE WOULD I WEAR IT? - All family functions

I TAG 4:
I tag Teri
I tag the Pantaloon
I tag Special K
I tag Mr. Nobody™


Jim said...

Aquaman is awesome, and unfortunately the butt of many people's jokes... I blame the SuperFriends show. Yay Aquaman!!!! :)

Ed said...

Aquaman...he's such a whimp. He doesn't EVEN have his own movie much less a bunch of crappy sequels. I say he's all washed up.

Sans Pantaloons said...

Slackmart. Aquaslack, Casual Slaq,
Slaq on Up.
A n o t h e r tag, thank you Jen!
The Slaq Abides...

Bob said...

Nice meme! I'll happily do this one (someday, I'm too tired today).

Micgar said...

Jen-thanks -cool shirts! That "I hate everybody" shirt so fits you! ha ha!and the other one you designed too!

SkylersDad said...

Very cool collection, I did the same meme.

Anonymous said...

I have that same Aquaman shirt. It rocks. I get more comments on that shirt. And last weekend this homeless looking guy walked by me and said "aquaman, aquaman, aquaman" under his breath as he walked past me. Aquaman rules :)