Monday, April 14, 2008


And now a letter
to all the kids in my town
begging for money
outside Walmart, the supermarket,
the drug store etc. etc.

Dear Kids,
I'm not paying for your baseball uniforms,
your cheer leading field trips, your football helmet
you're hockey pucks, your shoe laces... and so on

because I don't give a shit

Stop begging for money

let's see..
I have some spare change
should I donate it to cancer research or save a puppy?
use it to buy my morning coffee?
NOOOO I should give it to Jimmy to buy a new baseball!!!

fuck that

I just ONCE want to come out of a store and not see
you standing there begging me for money - Is that too much to ask?

Here's a brainstorm..
If you want to play sports why not have your parents
pay for your uniform???

***GASP** **SHOCK** AWE***

How bout that!?!?!
Why do we have to pay???

At least sell candy.. or do a car wash for christ's sake!
don't just stand there and BEG FOR IT

Is it okay If I stand outside the store with a a cup
begging for money to help pay my mortgage, and my water bill,
and my cable bill.. and ...and my cellphone bill ..and my credit card bill!?!

I need some help.. won't you help ME?


Jen@ casual slack


Anonymous said...

Rock on!

SkylersDad said...

Can I have an AMEN!!!

Teri said...

Bravo! You are an amazing woman for bringing this to their attention.

the bastards.

thanks for the tip, I might stand on the corner and ask folks to help me pay my tax bill or mortgage, whichever is due first.

Lynda said...

Are you serious? They aren't even selling anything?

I wouldn't give them money either!

Jerk Of All Trades 2.0 said...

That's're my long lost sister.


Bob said...

I think I love you.

The Ferryman said...

Yes! Yes! I love you, take me now!

What the hell am I paying taxes for? I should show those little bastards my return and tell them to call the government to get their share.

jimmycity said...

How about a dunking booth, where you pay a buck to throw a ball at a target and, if ya hit it, the kid drops into the water?

I'm a lousy aim, they'd make a FORTUNE off of me, but I wouldn't stop until I dunked a punk!

Trukindog said...

If I was gonna pay for kids crap I'd have my own little bastards.

When I was a kid if my folks couldn't aford it I didn't get it.

Anonymous said...

But isnt it the liberal democrat thought that we should each give up some of our share to allow others to have a more equal share?

Micgar said...

Geez you're in a bad bad mood. I hate when those kids with the damn boxes of overpriced candy come along too!

Anonymous said...

I give them a condum and tell them their parents should have and should always use one.....

Anonymous said...

AAHHHH! I couldn't agree more. I ran into Walmart last night (here in Pittsburgh, PA) and there were two little cheerleaders out front. One looking liking a big ho' bag in her slutty little cheer outfit, and the other girl in ratty ass tshirt and daisy dukes. They were holding up a sign that these are what the NEW uniforms will look like if they can raise the money! They only had enough money to buy the one "model" uniform. So the little ho' bag was pimping for some uniform money. disgusting.

Anonymous said...

why should the parents have to pay when we can have suckers like you pay for it