Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I was 12 when
I went to see this movie
with my friend Angela

We laughed the hardest at the "shoe scene"
We thought it was a cinematic masterpiece

We also thought the shoes
were custom made just for the movie

little did we know that people actual wore them
- who knew~ we were twelve!

This movie is a Tim Burton classic

Good morning, Pee Wee.
Good morning, Mr. Breakfast!
Can I have some Mr. T cereal?
I pity the foo' that don't eat Mr. T cereal!

Dottie: Hello?
Pee-wee: Hi, Dottie, it's Pee-wee!
Dottie: Pee-wee? Where are you calling from?
Pee-wee: Texas!
Dottie: Huh?
Pee-wee: Honest! I'll prove it!
Pee-wee: The stars at night are big and bright...
Passersby: [singing and clapping] ... deep in the heart of Texas!

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