Tuesday, April 15, 2008

clip of the day

Time for the horrific Clip
of the day, kids!
this video should win some
type of an award..
outstanding choreography.. acting..

all I can say is wow

You gotta watch all 4 minutes & 48 seconds
... you must

*on a side note: does anyone else see a resemblance to the singer
and the women of that Polygamist Cult in Texas? I think she bought her
dress from one of them...

- just sayin'


Lynda said...

I seem to remember when they played that video on VH-1 or MTV or something, back when I was in school.

Coffeypot said...

That is a great video and I love Bonnie Tyler. I especially like her “It’s A Heartache.” She’s hot, too.

Anonymous said...

Then spank me.....then me, no spank me first!

Micgar said...

ughh! I just couldn't do it-couldn't watch the whole thing-its as bad as TEOTH!
I didn't mind Its a heartache though.