Monday, April 21, 2008

it's true

My grandmother
(my father's mother)
Bought me a present.. once

You know what it was?

wait for it...

wait for it...

A Sugar Daddy...

Most grandparents
shower their grand kids
with gifts
and make them cookies
and send money in cards and all that shit...

Nope not mine!!!!

All I ever got was one Sugar Daddy
one fucking Sugar Daddy

thanks grandma!


You may be thinking... awwww
maybe she was poor..?!
She always had ample cash for cigarettes, poker & peach schnapps
so there goes that theory



Bunk said...

But you got a Sugar Daddy and it was yours. And you liked it.

There are a lot of kids who don't have grandparents at all.

robmacca said...

I never got to meet any of my Grand parents so a "Sugar Daddy" would have been something!

Although saying that "Sugar Daddy" as a name for a sweet is just WRONG, so wrong :-)

❉ pixie ❉ said...

My husband's grandma gave him old underwear once.

No joke.

Annie said...

I wouldn't mind a sugar daddy right now. Times are tough! :)

Lynda said...

Do you still have it?

Anonymous said...

She gave you her Genetic Code....stay off the cigs...

Nobody™ said...

It seems you descended from a long line of really fucked up relatives.

Some Guy said...

It's unfortunate, but imagine how cruel she might've been to you without her cigarettes, poker, and schnapps. It could've been worse.

Anonymous said...

Groover here;

"There are a lot of kids who don't have grandparents at all."

--Bad argument...I must interject here. This is similar to the “moon” argument. You know, “you can’t clean your room, but we can send a man to the moon!”

If a child had no grandparents than they have no expectations. If a child has grandparents there are natural expectations. When not met, there is tremendous disappointment. A child may ask,
“Why doesn’t my grandparents love me?”
“Why don’t they give me any gifts or attention?”
(or worse)
“Is this what I’m worth, a 25 cent piece of candy…wow, my grandparent really think a lot of me!”

Yes, having no grandparents is a loss. But having them and being rejected is worse!

As a former elementary school teacher, I had to deal with all the emotions children held inside...despite whether the parents or family wanted to deal with things. And many times they did not.

It's called denial and self-protection...and the child suffers cause that stuff don't magically go away! Dig?

Sorry…had to jump in here.

Dick Small said...

Sorry Jen! You lost out. My grandparants used to give me savings bonds, and gold.
And all-expense paid trips to the Grand Cayman.

Dick Small said...

... a sugardaddy.... ahahahahaaa

M@ said...

Jesus. Do you live in Pennsylvania because you sound "bitter."

One time when I was little, I saved up my family's soda and beer cans and then after some weeks my father took me to redeem them. He kept the $20 (which was like $30 or more back then) and bought himself a pack of cigarettes.


Amy said...

I love peach schnapps.

sister golden hair said...

I got a yacht, and a scholarship to Yale.

2 fools said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA Oh my god...cigarettes and peach schnapps...that's priceless. Yeah, Jen and I definitely had it rough... Those were the days, huh?

Anonymous said...

Man, what a horrible grandmother!

Grant Miller said...

Hmmm. Peach Schnapps