Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Mr. trukindog tagged me
6 unspectacular quirks

1. Almost every pen I come in contact with -
I brake off or bend the thingy on the cap
I don't even know I'm doing it... it just happens

2. I fall or trip over things a lot..
I fell twice in my yard over the weekend.

3. I can't stand silence.. I need a radio or a tv on at all times
and when I sleep.. I need the sound of the overhead fan
or my sharper image sound machine - on thunderstorm

4. Just being in a Doctors office or Hospital, gives me such anxiety...
that If I was shot.. I would rather bleed to death than go to a doctor for help.

5. I wipe my phone down at work- with alcohol ... a couple times everyday
in case anyone skanky touched it..

6. I hate "Slippers" I hate the word.. I hate the look.. I hate the concept
I won't allow them in my home... my husband got a pair for xmas one year
and I threw them out.

Just look at them.. *cringe*

* my sincerest apology to all you "slipper wearers"

TAG 6 PEOPLE - okay.. I tag
- Alex
- Sushi Boy
- Chris
- Dick
- Mr. Miller
- Hapabukbuk


Teri said...

what did the slippers ever do to you?

Sushiboy said...

do you hate crocs as well?

M@ said...

I wish I had skanky people in my office.

Mel said...

I love my slippies, you cant make me give them up!!! At least I just wear them in the house, never outsidew

Jen said...

teri - BWAHahahaha

sushi - I don't own a pair
but they don't offend me..
unless you wear socks with them
then we have a problem

M@ - you can take some of my skanks

Mel - slippies..HAHAHAHA

Moderator said...

Who is this Mr. Miller you speak of?

Anonymous said...

Groover here...

Talk to us about the Sharper Image device. I have a thunderstorm CD I play now & then...it's cool until the new age music blend with the storm crack in half way through.

Don't you get tired of the same thunderstorm noises?

Does the hub mind the racket?

Give the scoop...in fact, make this a solo post...all about this device...the in's and out's...a real product review.



Trukindog said...

Sweet sound machine, oddly enough I listen to a thunderstorm CD every night when I go to bed, it helps me relax and get to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Totally hear what you are saying about hating the word slippers. I feel the same way about the word "panties". **cringe** Its like nails on a blackboard for me when someone says that word. And even WORSE is if someone says "moist panties".

Jen said...

alybeth72 - I too **CRINGE**
at that word!!!!