Thursday, October 25, 2007

movie flashback

The Beastmaster
I remember back in the day..
this movie was on HBO at least 10 times a day..

I always felt bad when the little ferret
jumped on that guy and the guy fell
off the cliff...
remember that???
ferrets were the best part of this movie)

Actually it's been so long since I've seen it
that's the only part I do remember

and Marc Singer running around half naked
battling evil
with a tiger that was spray painted black

your typical
low-budget sword-and-sorcery '80s flick


SkylersDad said...

Was that before or after Marc Singer battled aliens on TV?

The consummate thespian...

Teri said...

I remember this as well.

Jim said...

Beastmaster was so much more than just "your typical sword/sworcery movie"!! It's a bit above that, heh!

Ferrets! Sad!

Jen said...

It's a bit above


Anonymous said...

Hell, I first saw this movie when it was in the theater. The Ferrets were good, but Tanya Roberts in the forest pool was the best part of that flick ;)

Lynda said...

The TV show wasn't half bad either.