Friday, October 26, 2007

slack movie review

And Now A Movie Review from Casual Slack

I netflixed Transformers

It's fucking AWESOME

I wish I had seen it in the theaters...
If you didn't love this movie - I don't even know what to say to you
other than good day..
I said good day...

This has been a Casual Slack Movie Review


Jim said...

In the theaters, the image was so big, all the robots (when in action) appeared to be blurred, mangled machinery. It was almost impossible to understand what was going on. On dvd, and on smaller screen, you can comprehend what's what, which makes the movie all the more enjoyable. Don't worry, you didn't miss anything by not seeing it in the theater.

Jen said...


Good to know!
Thanks Jim

I feel better now

I watched on blue ray dvd
and it kicked ass in HD!

M@ said...

I heard it IS great. In fact, the New York Times says that even the B-movie DVD knockoffs are pretty fucking good.


Dale said...

I agree with Jim. I was never a Transformers fan but enjoyed the movie in tht theatre although it was a tad confusing with all that giant metal in your face.

Mel said...

I havent seen it yet but my kids said its "sick"...I think that means they really liked it?