Sunday, September 10, 2006

good weekend

We went camping down near the beach again
We actually had a great time

So, I don't have any good stories...

We did get woken up around 7am
and it wasn't kids this time
Just some loud obnoxious jerkoffs
who thought 7am was a great time to wake up and party!

But other than the early morning wake up
things went smoooooth



Sans Pantaloons said...

Unfortunately Scarlett Johansson called off, so I spent the weekend helping Doctor Mom prepare her BBQ.
It was fun! We are now firm friends.
Not too sure about the Clamato Juice tho'...

Doctor Mom said...

Oh that's where everyone was!!!

I wondered... it was echoing around here!

Teri said...

I was busy with house stuff and could not make it Dr. Mom, sorry.

I like the fact that you can camp out on/near the beach. Beaches are no relaxing.

Sans, are you flirting with all the ladies? You keep winking. LOL

Teri said...

oops, meant to say "so relaxing". I need a new set of fingers.