Monday, September 25, 2006

link of the day

this is a great site
especially if you are not particularly
fond of your inlaws...

you can leave a story
or just read other people's stories


Jackass Jenn said...

you really make me laugh

D. Prince said...

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you Jen!

This site just made my night.
I could tell you tales about my in-laws that would make your hair curl, or make it straight... depending on if your hair is straight or curly to begin with.

Oh, you know what I mean.

Doctor Mom said...

No Stinking Way!

I'm on my way! .... or maybe I wasn't supposed to announce that?

mixednut said...

Oh my...
There just isn't enough cyberspace to describe the outlaws.

Jen said...

I could tell
you some stories!!!