Thursday, June 21, 2007


Thursday Thirteen
13 random statements
you may or may not agree with

1. The nectarine is the best fruit.
2. The best 70's Tv show was CHiPs.
3. Carnivals are disgusting.
4. French Fries are best with lots of ketchup and vinegar.
5. Golf is lame.
6. People who wear fur coats are assholes.
7. South Park is far superior to Family Guy.
8. Paul McCartney should retire.
9. The ending to the Soprano's was NOT brilliant - it sucked.
10. Paris Hilton should be locked up for life.

11. Cats are better than Dogs.
12. Purell hand sanitizer is awesome.
13. Bloggers (meaning both blog writers & readers)
are more intelligent than non-Bloggers

the end


dirty said...

1. I don't eat fruit so I will take your word for it.
2. What about Sopranos?
3. Yes...effin gross.
4. Totally agree.
5. I tried learning how to's hard.
6. Yes they are.
7. Agreed.
8. Yes he should.
9. It totally sucked. They better come back with another season to make up for it too.
10. That would make me smile.
11. I like dogs but my dog goes in a litter box so I think that makes her a cat.
12. It is more than awesome.
13. You are a genius!

Teri said...

you, my friend, are BRILLIANT!

just sayin.......

Zed said...

I agree with you on most everything--but I ESPECIALLY agree with you on #11 and #13. Cats are the best, and you and I are brilliant. :)

Mermade said...

I 100% with all 13 of those statements, especially the carnival one. HA!

Anonymous said...

I only disagree with you on #2 and #4. Never watched South Park or Family Guy so can't say. You're probably right. Also I disagree on #1: I think watermelon's the best fruit.

Grant Miller said...

I almost agree with you. But pears are far superior and underappreciated.

Anonymous said...

...also, you're wrong on #11.

Anonymous said...

.. Zed's wrong too.

Mel said...

Chips???? The best 70s show? wha? Are you high on too many nectarines?

Anonymous said...

CAN you get high on nectarines? Really??

mixednut said...

What's a blogger?

'B' said...

Chips... Don't know, never watched it I'm afraid...
Cat's v dogs,??? Well we have both! A rescued Greyhound who was on death row and a white ball of fluff! Both are great, and we even trained the cat to fetch!!!
Stop on by and have a look through our list when you get a chance!