Tuesday, June 19, 2007

wtf - observation

Stop the Insanity
WTF- observation of the day

There is nothing more painful
than driving behind a school bus - nothing.

The bus stops..
The bus monitor gets out..
• Runs to the front of the bus - looks under it
• Runs to the side of the bus - looks under it
• Runs to the back of the bus - looks under it
• Then back to the side - looks under it


Are they Kidding???!?!?
Is this really necessary???
Isn't this just a tad OVERKILL??

Are there kids coming out of the woods throwing
their heads under the wheels - that I don't know about?

I remember the good old days
when the bus barely stopped to let you out



dirty said...

My kids ride the bus 2 blocks to school. The bus will even pick you up if you live across the street from the school and it.stops.at.every.driveway.

I've never seen the monitor get out and run around the bus looking under it though. Is is customary to smoke crack if you work on a bus?

I hate driving behind the bus.

Teri aka "Peach Pit" said...

I've never seen this situation, either.

although, I hate when the kids are still walking to the bus, it's stopped letting all the kids on, there are millions of cars waiting for the bus to leave and there are still stragglers walking about 1 mph to the bus.

hurry the fuck up, already!

damn girl. next time you're on the bus, speak up. that's pretty funny, though. sorry!

Zed said...

You sure have high-security school buses up there in the lovely land of Rhode Island. I'm surprised men in uniform don't run out of the buses with AK 47s in hand and survey the area.

Jen said...

This doesn't
happen in your states!?!?!?

It figures
it's a Rhode Island

- God I hate it here...

e.Craig said...

Wow, talk about over-reacting! School bus drivers are one of my pet peeves. Not all of 'em of course, but I've seen some pretty stupid stuff out there on the roadways.

All those drivers need to do when they stop to let kids on and off is take the time to ensure they are "all clear" before rushing off to their next stop.

I sometimes get the impression that a number of those drivers have only one goal. And, that is to get the job done as quick as possible so they can get home to their boob tube and beer.

dirty said...

Jen...At least it's not Ohio...you have that going for you.

Lynda said...

BWAHAHAHAHA! We just have that stop sign.

I remember the good ol' days when you could still run over kids.


Teri aka "Peach Pit" said...

oh god, lynda, those were the days....

**heavy sigh**

noerb said...

They haul ass, they stop and have to get the person to come out and get the pre-schooler or vise-versa...they run yellows and some peice of shit following on thier bumper runs the red...what else... I hate those G*&^%$#@#$% Damn school buses!
Survival of the fittest I say!