Sunday, June 10, 2007

I think it sucked

I waited all week for that?

Worst episode ever...
what a fucking


Can someone please give me back that hour of my life
that I just wasted??


I'm insulted.


coffeypot said...

I liked it.

Variant E said...

Now if I do give you your time back; what good thing will you do with it?

Jen said...

coffe - no wayyyy
Tony Soprano & family should have
had there blood splattered all over those onion rings..
all that ending told me was..
"Maybe we'll make a movie and make more money"

Varient - I shall use that hour
to help orphans or give blood..
or maybe just a nap..

dirty said...

I think they left it open like that so that you could believe what you wanted. The fade to black made me think it was from Tony's perspective of him getting shot and actually dying. I think Meadow was pregnant and there was a wire tap in that picture of Christopher that the cat was obsessed with.

Too many loose ends left.

Jen said...

wire tap.. good point!

a few episodes back
I think Bobby told Tony
that he thought death would
be like everything fading to black

so your right
it could go both ways

but I wanted no loose ends

I needed closure
I needed blood in the onion rings
I needed to see AJ get shredded by bullets


Just Dave said...

I agree. A very existential way to end a non-existential series. I thought my TV broke. I got up to whack it on the side or something when the credits started to roll. I feel like Teddy KGB in "Rounders" - "Somehow I feel so unsatisfied."

coffeypot said...

Okay! But I still liked it.

Bloomin' Crazy said...

I agree Jen! I too needed to see that whiney bitch A.J. shredded by bullets.

Jen said...

I always hated AJ
he's IS such
a whiney bitch!!

Frank Sirmarco said...

Whether there was closure or things went unresolved, it was an underwhelming end to an underwhelming season.


PS AJ? That's the main plot device in your final episode? FUCKING AJ?!!!

Nobody™ said...

I believe Bobby did say that when your time comes, you don't even hear it coming. Everything just goes black.

The Sopranos time had come.

At first I hated that ending, but now that I've had some time to think it over, it's brilliant.

That guy that went to the men's room went to get a gun to shoot Tony, just like Micheal in The Godfather.

Tony was a moron to think it was safe just because Phil was dead.

Dale said...

I loved the last episode, more than the whole season that preceded it. Does everyone eat onion rings whole like that though?