Sunday, June 24, 2007


Just Some Kayaking Pics...
Wickford Cove, Wickford, RI


e.Craig said...

Memories of Rhode Island, and Newport where my Destroyer Squadron was home ported many years ago.

Mel said...

Very nice! I love pics.

Teri said...

Did Tim remember the sunscreen this time?

2 fools said...

Hey, it's Tim Sala Bim. How come you never take pictures of your damn self?


Chris said...

Kayak = Best watercraft there is.

Nobody™ said...

Where are the pics of Jen??

Jen said...

e.craig - I might go to Newport next week! I'll take some more pics to bring back the memories

teri - he did remember..
but it was the spray on stuff &
I missed a few spots when I sprayed
him.. He has a few red stripes


I'm the photographer people!
I take the pics - i don't star in them.. =P

maybe one of these days..

Teri said...

Jen, I think you've been "anonymous" long enough. Get in front of the cameral, girl!