Wednesday, June 27, 2007

feeling old

16 years later...

The little baby from the album cover of NIRVANA`S
"Nevermind" album is about to turn 16.
The kid who posed for the album cover is Spencer Elden.
Back in 1991, Nirvana hired a photographer named
Kirk Weddle to take a photo of a naked baby swimming for their album cover.
Weddle was friends with Spencer`s parents.
--He gave them $200, they let him take the photo of Spencer. . .
which, of course, became one of the most famous album covers
on one of the greatest albums in history.


mermade said...

Whoa... that's crazy. I'm 20... not much older than the kid, but I have the album and always thought it was very, uh, "artsy." Or just weird. What did the cover symbolize, anyway? I do not understand!!

Lynda said...

$200! The parents got jiped.

Variant E said...

For him this sort of takes the 'bring out the naked baby bathtub pictures' to a whole new level.

Jen said...

mermade -
I'm pretty sure the cover
is meant to be a statement
on commercial success

lynda -
They should of got at least $275..

Variant - It sure does!!

mixednut said...

Thanks Jen. I'll go take my Geritol now.

SushiBoy said...

Ah, I remember 1991. Out with Hair metal and in with grunge. And the inspiration for Weird Al's best album ever. Off the Deep End.

Nobody™ said...

Thanks, Jen. Now I feel older than dirt. I graduated from high school in 1991.

I think your right about the meaning of the cover. Kurt Cobain never wanted to be successful, he just wanted to make music.

dirty said...

Great...and my birthday is next month.

At least I'll be 22 again.

Lynda said...

At most, $300 is what I was thinking.