Thursday, June 21, 2007

in the news

Girl's Feet Cut Off
at Six Flags'
Kentucky Kingdom.

full story

I've been on that ride - It got stuck
For about 25 minutes we were strapped in
- it was 90 degrees out
I was starting to get claustrophobic..

But I guess we were lucky - we left with our feet intact!

*Cringe* Shudder*


Variant E said...

I heard she sued but it was dismissed because legally she didn't have a leg to stand on (old joke...I know...couldn't resist)

Anonymous said...


Teri said...

another ride, recently, like last week, got stuck upside down. I think I would die of an anxiety attack.


Lynda said...

Let this serve as a warning. Terrible things can happen if you get too foot loose and fancy free at an amusement park.

Zed said...

I'm nauseous now. Thanks. But at least I still have my feet.