Thursday, June 29, 2006

go away

Note to Britney:
I hate you.
Please go away.
I even gave you that great
advice about finding a nice
double wide trailer in the
swamps of Louisiana
and retiring... but you
didn't listen!

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Anonymous said...

Why, God... WHY???

EJL said...

Your a Britney hater....geesh...we finally disagree on something....too bad...I luv me some Britney

Jen said...

we can still be friends
let's not let a little
white trash get in the way..


Anonymous said...


Mr. Fabulous said...

I luv me some Britney too. She is my future second wife.

EJL said...

now my feelings are hurt....

First it's Britney, then Rob Schnieder, next your going to tell me your a fan of Pete Burns. (my blog ref)

What ever am I to do?

Checked out your least we agree on her!!