Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Is he kidding?

I came home from work and I noticed this book
sitting on the table

Needless to say.. it's not mine.

We went to a book sale a few weeks ago
It's all donated books they sell them for a $1 maybe $2
Any kind of book you can imagine! Anything you want!
We went once before and got some great stuff.

But this time... out of the entire room full of books
my husband picks out this little gem

The Gathering Storm

by Winston S. Churchill

What the hell was he thinking? This is the book he picks??
Am I married to a college professor?
I feel like he should be wearing a turtle neck sweater, smoking a pipe
and sipping brandy

Yeah that looks like a great read...


Enjoy the book honey
I still love you, even though you pick out lame books.


Gregory Stewart said...

Does this mean he is expanding his mind without your permission? Hmm lol

Jen said...

hell no

It just means
I think he reads
boring crap


Anonymous said...

Don't knock it 'til you've tried it, Sistah! Maybe it's a bodice-ripper.

Lynda said...

hahaha! A bodice ripper.

I bet he bought it because it is one of those valuable books that someone gave up for a dollar, but it will make you millions at auction time.

MC said...

Hmmm... the marketing side of me agree with you... and then my history degree flies off the wall and bashes my brains in for even thinking that.

Mr. Fabulous said...

You should have married me. Nothing but comic books, baby!

Anonymous said...

Jen you are TOTALLY missing the obvious! I am surprised at you

Your husband has no intention of reading that book. It is something you put on the coffee table for company to see when they come over.

People sometimes think Im smart, but Im not really, I just leave smart looking books laying around my house.

Annie said...

Tim started smoking Winston's again? I can't believe it. Doesn't he know how bad it is for him? Well at least he started going to Church again.