Monday, June 05, 2006

wait one year

He's such a scumbag...
Now we have to wait a friggin year
for the last 8 episodes
Damn You HBO!!!

DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!


Moderator said...

I thought the finale was kind of a let down. Actually, I thought this season was a little less great than what I'm used to.

Bluepaintred said...

last 8 episodes of what? ( im new here, from mr fabs blog)

Jen said...


It's the Sopranos.
The Season Finale was Sunday

Dale said...

I agree with Grant.

This season meandered a lot and we got maybe 2 or 3 decent hours out of the whole mess. I hope they really kill us with the last 8.

Scarlet said...

Sssssssshhhh dont complain...or you'll find yourself going for a boat ride.. just like they did with Sal "Big Pussy"!!!

Anonymous said...

the sopranos is still on
six feet under ruled

Jen said...

six feet under was awesome!!
I miss it

Possibly one of the greatest shows
ever written!!

EJL said... funny, my thoughts exactly...for that I would love to have you rent my blog!!!!