Tuesday, June 06, 2006

God, That SUCKED!! Volume 1

Age 20
I was making this
Hot Chocolate / Cappuccino Type Drink
In the microwave.
The Microwave beeped.
I opened the door.
It didn't look that hot...
I took a big mouth full. My face turned beet red.
I spit it out all over the floor & myself
My tongue was on fire.
I spent the rest of the night sitting on the couch
with a ziplock bag filled with ice on my tongue
I thought I would never be able
to taste anything again.
I think I cried.

I eventually recovered.

Ever since that day - I fear hot beverages
I'll drink hot tea if I'm sick
- after it's been sitting for a while of course -
a "warm" coffee once in a great while...

I'm not a fan of scalding liquid... no thanks.

God, that SUCKED


Moderator said...

Glad to hear your tongue is ok.

Scarlet said...

And yet she prefers her bagel BURNT!


Anonymous said...

i think i should write about experiences like this
that was classic
and sounded horrible :(

Jen said...

You should!
I read your posts all the time
I bet you'd have some good material.

Anonymous said...

I had an accident like that once, and I still haven't really recovered. I'm lucky to be alive.

Libragirl said...

I don't drink hot beverages either...except soup has to be scalding. We are teaching my 20 month old niece to blow on her food when it is hot. Always a good skill

Anonymous said...

Did I mention I'm STILL in pain?