Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Here are some new blogs
I have recenlty added to the side bar &
Some that Have Been There A While Too
In case you hadn't noticed...

mish mash - her comments make me laugh
and so does her blog... So go visit.

Two Can Anne - Random! Funny!

The Watercooler - Always Entertaining

Bulletproof Bracelets - All Pop - No culture - Good stuff

Dutchylicious - Always a good read

Big Waste of Time - A blog to share "wastes of time" with the world!

Culture Kills - Pageant of the Transmundane is the best!

Sweet Nothings...and such
- Funny! And from down under - Pass the Vegemite...

In Fact - All the Links on the Side Bar Are Good!
I'm Tired of Listing them - So If I Left You Out... Don't Cry
I'll Make It Up to You On the Next "Blogs to Visit" Post

So check 'em ALL out!


Lynda said...

I am going to be bawling into my pillow tonight.

Jen said...


Be strong Lynda..
You must be strong,
I know it's painful
but it will be okay

MC said...

Wow... everything is coming up Milhose today. I got two shoutouts :)

Oh, and the next pageant winner... so freaky... you will love it.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Yeah, but you like my blog. Obviously you have no credibility :)

Your Girl Friday said...

Thanks for the shoutout Jen! You rock!

Anonymous said...

I feel so special!

Thanks : )

Anonymous said...

I think it's about time to make things interesting. I think Jen should make a poll each week and we vote off the blog we hate the most on Jen's Links.

Let's get some anger back in the show!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jen :)