Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday Nornna

Just Some Tuesday Nornna
I dedicate this post
to stjarna because I know
he's a big Nornna Fan
Haahaha =)

1.Grilled Cheese & Making Pig Sounds
2.The Usual, Eating & Rambling
3.More Singing, Eating & Rambling

1 comment:

gfdgsdfg said...

Is this some kind of subtle public service announcement for people to have lives OUTSIDE of the Internet?

This woman documents every facet of her life for the world to see. What did she do before they discovered websites?

I still don't get it. However, I do appreciate the shout-out.

I do enjoy your page.You bring casual slacking to an entirely new level. You slack like no other. Or in the words of Wayne & Garth, you are magically slack-alicious.

Rock on!