Monday, June 26, 2006

Link of the day

It's Bubbledog's
Scratch and Sniff Sticker Collection
Go Here

Make sure you click on the Mr. T
Scratch and Sniff Section
I can't belive these actually existed...


Annie said...

I used to love these. I still like when products have a scrath and sniff on them.

Lynda said...

I don't smell anything. :(

Anonymous said...

I picked up some at a store recently. They just aren't the same. They must've been made with some cancer causing chemical that made them smell awesome before, and now it's been banned and they don't smell good anymore.


Jen said...

why is it
that cancer causing chemicals
always make things taste & smell better

That sucks..!

anne altman said...

are you kidding? i was all about these things!

still have the collection

faintly smell of stuff.

dust, mainly now.