Thursday, June 22, 2006

morning rant

This morning, I was driving to work
I slowed down and let some guy
pull out in front of me

That no good son of a bitch!
How hard is it to be polite!!! - I hope he has a shitty day.


Annie said...

I Get that a lot. I'm on the road all day and it gets pretty tiring when you try to be nice and no one responds accordingly. Even a damn nod would do.

Yesterday I was brutally verbally attacked by an older woman in a parking lot...
I was on my cell phone (talking business)and I was backing into a parking space, which by the way I did perfectly. I ended my conversation, got out of the car, and preceded to walk toward my destination. Suddenly I hear this horrid whinny obnoxious voice ranting about people who want to talk on their cell phones and chew gum and park at the same time. ARGHHHH!
By the time I turned around to chew her out, she ducked into her little light blue Toyota Corolla and took off.
I yelled out MYOB, but I wanted to say so much "And I still drive better than you bee-atch."
Oh well, theres always next time! :)

BlondeBlogger said...

UGH! I hate that!!

Anonymous said...

Well Jen I guess the main thing is that you did a good deed. That's why you're my favorite blogger!

Anonymous said...

That is annoying. It's not like you HAD to let that person in, you were being nice.

This isn't the case for you, but I also don't like it when people are nice to a-holes. Every morning there is a line of traffic waiting to get on a major highway, and people that are way more important than us pass everyone in line by and cut in at the front of the line. But people gladly let them do it! I'm like, you are encouraging their jerkitude!!!!

Jim said...

Never underestimate the positive power of a Polite Thank You Hand Wave.

Annie's story made me recall an incident about a month ago. My wife was trying to take a left onto a side road. The oncoming traffic was backed up and stopped, so there was a gap/hole allowing us to go. So she proceeds to slowly go and this lady, who is already stoped, then begins to move towards us and flips out at us, as if we had no right to cut in between (even though she was just sitting there, couldn't go anywhere and created that gap for us). So she's yelling and waving her hands around. Well, the lane next to, some jerkwad whizzes by and my wife has to stop. The lady is still waving and yelling. We're now about 4ft from one another and my window is down. So I lose it and start immitating her to her face, waving my hands, sticking my tongue out, making faces, yelling "blaaaaaahhhh-la-la-la-phhhttttt!". Just blatantly mocking her asinine behaviour, like a 5 yr old. She was stunned. But it got her to shut the fuck up. :)

Moderator said...

I hope that bastard dies.

Chris Battle said...

Man, fuck that shit.

Lynda said...

Well, I guess no wave is better than giving you the finger.