Saturday, July 28, 2007

Box Enthusiast

Boxes are his passion.

Travis is obsessed with boxes
If I bring a box into the house, his eyes immediately light up
And as I try to open the box..
he starts to cram his little head in it
before I can even take out whatever was in the box

Every time I go to the liquor store I pick him
up a new beer box like the one above
(Those are his favorite)


Mel said...

And just often do you frequent said liquor store hmmmm???

He is so cute. I cant decide if he or bogie is the cutest.

Teri said...

every cat has to have their passion.

does he care what kind of beer box it is?

Doctor Mom™ said...

Hi Travis!!

He is so dang cute!

I would have taken him for a champagne box kinda guy!

Maritza said...

I wonder why that is? Mine do the same thing. Nothing makes them happier than a fresh box.

Lynda said...

My cats love boxes too. They love to hide in them, and one time Julius stuffed himself into a thin shoe box. It didn't look comfortable, but I sure got a lot of pictures. LOL

Just Dave said...

Must be a kinda universal cat thing because mine does the same thing.

Zed said...

I once spent $85.00 at a cat show on a toy for my babies and they just yawned and walked away from it so they could go play in brown-paper garbage bags. Sigh.

Travis is looking mighty handsome, Jen. Those boxes are so him.

Anonymous said...

Travis is so awesome.