Tuesday, July 10, 2007

eight was enough

Out of all the annoying family members
I always hated Nicholas the most

just look at him
annoying little bastard

How much you think that hair cut cost?


2 fools said...

Fuckin' pignose little BEYOTCH.
Eight was far too many.

Micgar said...

I always hated that dumb kind of haircut-(on anybody)Looks like they put a bowl over his head and then snipped around.
That show was dumb!

MC said...

Man, I just want to hit him repeatedly in the face... though I want to slap Matthew Lilliard around a bit more.

Abhijeet said...

Well.... Ummm... Its cool hair cut. Innit?!!

Chris said...

He is the poster child for the Flowbee.

Anonymous said...

he couldn't spend money on haircuts, he was saving up for his cliche child star drug habit.

stjarna67 said...

Adam Rich may not have had much going for him, but at least he wasn't William Ames. Not only did he go onto CHARLES IN CHARGE, he also has turned to a life of evangelism. He plays some religion superhero dude.

Doctor Mom™ said...

I didn't like the way you could see up his nostrils

I didn't like that perfect hair cut that no matter if it were a friggin' hurricane, it wouldn't change

I didn't like how whiny he was

I didn't like that he was so short

I didn't like his brother, Will

Wait, I'm being pretty negative... let me see...something positive

It's not on anymore even in syndication! :)

Jen said...

2fools - best comment ever!

micgar- I concur

mc - I also want to hit him repeatedly in the face

Abhijeet - nay

Chris - Maybe we'll see him on
an infomercial

amy - you're right!

stjarna67- I forgot about bibleman!
OKay.. back then I would rather punch adam rich in the face
but now.. I would punch bibleman in the face

Doctor Mom - you love the nostrils
admit it..

Anonymous said...

Jen, this post surprises me. This is SO unlike you. Usually, you try to find the good in EVERYone. Just like Angela. It's not like you to badmouth people... I'm shocked, really.

Anonymous said...

Although, you want to know something REAlly sad???? My uncle, who thought Nicholas was SO cute (gag) named his kid:
Nicholas Bradford (first and middle name). Yuck.

Anonymous said...

For real. I'm not making that up.

Jen said...

Nicholas Bradford
(first and middle name)???


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

... that boy's gonna get picked on. aLOT.

Lynda said...

Free. Just stick a bowl on his head and cut around.

Lynda said...

Dang Micgar said that too!

I didn't copy, I swear!

Micgar said...

Lynda-that's ok-you said cut-i said snipped! Ha ha! I think they did both with that damn bowlhead of his!

American Scot said...

Didn't he become a homeless drug addict? Poor little bastard! He never had a chance with that fucked up haircut!