Sunday, July 08, 2007

just some pics

View from the hotel
Jackson, New Hampshire


Jackson Falls
Jackson, New Hamsphire

Canoeing the Saco River, North Conway, New Hamsphire
If you've never been kayaking or canoeing.. you're missing out
I highly recommend it

more saco river

- Vacation Now Over -

*Weeping Uncontrollably*


e.Craig said...

WoW! Looks like "God's Country", Jen.

Mel said...

Such Pretty scenery Jen! The water is gorgeous, and the hotel is picture perfect. How was your room??

I am weeping with you, I have to go to work today too. BOO!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Jen! The guest posts were great but it just wasn't the same.
Happy Monday!

Chris said...

Yes, canoeing/kayaking are great. Glad you got to do some.

Now, if you can get the weeping under control, we're all starving for some slack!

Teri said...

absolutely beautiful.

see, you were camping, you were just doing it in luxury instead of camping out in the woods.

hope you had a great time.

I'm sorry you have to return to ((whispering softly)) work.

Tanya Espanya said...

I'm patting you on the arm...Looks like you had a great time.

dirty said...

I hope you had a great vacation Jen!

Jen said...

thanks Kids
Vacation was great!


Zed said...

I've never heard of that hotel you stayed at, but it reminds me of a place called Mohonk Mountain House in (lower) upstate NY, near New Paltz. It's a beautiful place high in the mountains above a crystal blue lake. Breathtaking!

I don't know. In that one pic of Tim, it looks as if he might bop you over the head with the oar. Too much togetherness? :)

Just Dave said...

Beautiful pictures, Jen. Dwell on your memories, not your reality.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually from NH and seeing those pictures just brought me back there.... it was nice. Thanks for giving me that memory!
Conway shopping ROCKS, canoeing on the Saco ROCKS.....NH in general is a great place to go.

Anonymous said...

... and most importantly, DON'T dwell on the fact that it's Monday, and Friday's 4 days away.

Lynda said...

Is that Tim who looks like, "Stop taking pictures and start canoeing!" LOL!

The scenery is really beautiful!