Thursday, July 19, 2007


I forgot all about

1984 commercial
is right here


Bloomin' Crazy said...

Ahhhh yes...I remember the Cavity Creeps. Saturday morning cartoons were the best in the 80's. I pity kids nowadays...they have nothing cool on Saturday mornings.

Variant E said...

I used to fight with this guy back in high school. We hated each other and stooped to all levels to show it. I remember he had yellow teeth and so I would draw and publish this comic book depicting him as "Scum Tooth" and me as "Captain Crest". I had about 10 subscribers. He hated that!

Lynda said...

How could you forget Toothopolis and CAVITY CREEPS!

Grant Miller said...

Some friend and I were hanging out some time ago and I made a passing reference to the phrase "We make holes in teeth" and the Cavity Creeps.

It got big laughs - bigger than expected. I highly recommend Crest humor at your next dinner party.