Monday, July 16, 2007

Clam and scallop. I clam and scallop.

HAL: So are you liking the mattress?

ELAINE: I am totally loving it. Uh, you know … we should um … get going.

HAL: What is that smell?

ELAINE: What smell?

HAL: I think it's the mattress. Did something happen to it.

ELAINE: No no, oh, you know what that is? I um, went claming the
other day and I forgot to hose off my boots.

HAL: Claming?

ELAINE: Yeah, clam and scallop. I clam and scallop.


noerb said...

Diver scallops are the best! I like clam digging too!

Chris said...

Was that Hal Langerhanz or Hal Kitzmiller she was talking to?

Jen said...

Kitzmiller of course..

slinger said...

I love Seinfeld. This was great episode also.