Monday, July 09, 2007

more pics

my friend / co-worker
jo-ann had a party for her son on Sunday
he was in the Army National Guard
but he just joined the Army full time

cool cake

my friends dog - Bailey
begging Tim for some BBQ

the red ones were better than the blue


Teri said...

how many did you do?

Jen said...

just a few..

Teri said...

a few too many?

Jen said...


Just Dave said...

May he stay safe and sound and come home in one piece.

Lynda said...

Good thing the dog was short, because otherwise Tim may not have food left. LOL!

Marni said...

Bailey rocks! I'd totally give him whatever he begs for!

Teri said...

I want some cake.

Doctor Mom™ said...

Very Patriotic Jell-O Shots!