Tuesday, July 10, 2007

just a game

Place the US States
where they belong on
the map in the shortest
time possible

go here

what's your time?


Zed said...

The best I could do was 62 seconds.

Rhode Island messed me up. I defy ANYONE to find where it is on the map. No one even lives there. Ahem.

Micgar said...

Man I crappy on the first try-82 seconds- i think i could do around what Zed did-i think...
these states games are cool too-(well maybe not as cool as this one!)

Lindystar said...

Oh good lord if I tried I don't think I would ever get it. I am too ashamed to even attempt it! :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, that was way too addicting.... the best I could do was 53 seconds, couldn't beat it no matter how i tried

e.Craig said...

80 seconds on the first try. Fun.

Anonymous said...

69 dude!

Doctor Mom™ said...

86 seconds

1. I hate geography
2. I couldn't get stinking Hawaii to stick on the little boxy thing

But... the game provided positive reinforcement it still told me I did a good job!

I said thank you, but received no response

How rude!

Your Girl Friday said...

I had Rhode Island first up and got it straight away!

69 seconds. And I'm Aussie. That is really quite disturbing. I watch way to many movies!

American Scot said...

64 seconds. My mouse pad is a bit sticky and i had a hell of a time dragging Hawaii to its proper spot!

Micgar said...

66 seconds-this time! I think this can be addicting-I think R.I. is hard because since its so small its hard to get it to fit in the space!

Anonymous said...

the best i did was 65 seconds cuz my mouse kept on getting stuck.