Tuesday, July 24, 2007


*This post contains more 'bad words' than usual
so I'm just giving you the heads up

See this pile of glass...

You know what it's from??

I do...

It's the passenger side window of my truck.

Why is it on the ground in millions of pieces?

Because some fucking low life, piece of shit
scumbag, asshole decided it would be a great idea
to smash it while I was at work today

And now a letter to the criminal:

Dear jerk-off,
Why don't you do yourself and the rest of the world a favor...
when you get your welfare check
use it to buy a gun
then you can blow your brains out with it
you fucking, scumbag mother fucker


Jen - Casual Slack


Your Girl Friday said...

Oh my god!!!
What a fucker!

Did they steal anything??!

Jen said...

Just smashed it..

2 fools said...

Noooooooooooooooo no no no no no no no no no.
Oh My God.
What a fucking scumbag lowlife cocksucking motherfucking shiteatin dickhead peice of shit.

I can't believe it. They will go down.

2 fools said...

Hey, Jen, you want me to pick you up for church this Sunday?


Doctor Mom™ said...

Not good!

I'm so sorry Jen, even though it's just a truck and not you, or someone you love, it still feels awful and like a personal violation!

It seems that there is too much of this lately, especially with larger vehicles

Some renegade environmentalist have been on the news for destroying Hummers

Jim said...


Teri said...

WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!?!

Tanya Espanya said...

jebus fuck that sucks!


Nobody™ said...

Asshole. Someone broke into my car once when I lived in the city, it really pissed me off.

Lynda said...

I feel your pain. Did he use a Corona bottle?

coffeypot said...

WEll, I'm glad you are not upset.

Micgar said...

They did that to one neighborhood in our city for a time. Damn kids. Hope they can catch them. was there a rock that was thrown? Or did they do it with a bat? (like you care huh?!)Like i said some dumbass kids with nothing better to do.

DutchBitch said...

OMFG! I'll be right there with my riotgun and we'll get the sucker!

Mel said...

So do you have any enemies Jen? Thats kind of scarey!!

I would be so pissed, I am pissed for you.

This just proves my point that work is bad for you. This (hopefully) would never have happened at home.

Annie said...

So unjustified. My condolences.

dirty said...

Did you cry? I would've cried. What kind of fuckhead gets a rise out of doing such thing?

mixednut said...

I think we need Zed's cousin on this one.

Bloomin' Crazy said...

I feel your pain Jen. The same thing happened to me once.

Friggin' scumbags!

Anonymous said...

So sorry Jen. That's just plain mean.

Jen said...

Thanks kids..

dirty - I was too pissed off to cry
Micgar- I think the used a bat
mixednut - is Zed's cousin avaibale
to bust some heads??

Jen said...

Mel- No enemies
that I know of..

Aunt Nora said...

If you'd like, dear, I could gouge their eyes out with my fingernails. Just let me know, sweetie.

Ellie said...

don't you hate that?

what was it for...nothing..just to be a dick.

Dale said...

Did you leave a Casual Slack blog address ad on the seat or something that he couldn't read and had to have? Dirty fuckers! That's horrible.