Tuesday, July 10, 2007

what it takes

Do you have what it takes
to become a U.S. citizen?

I do..

Do you? - Go here


Jim said...

No need.
My parents had sex in America!

Variant E said...

I can't play...I'm in Africa right now. So what does it take? A passport? Money? A palette for fast food? I give up.

Lynda said...

I did this 7 years ago! Actually more like 11 years ago, because 7 years ago I became a citizen.

Just Dave said...

Missed two. I guess I can lay claim to citizenship by quiz as well as naturally.

Zed said...

I passed the test, but I can only stay if I behave.

e.Craig said...

The results stated that I may make a good citizen yet. Interesting quiz.

Doctor Mom™ said...

Like Jim... I have had generations of parents who had sex in America... so I don't have to know anything I don't want to know

And, this is too much for anyone to know

I wonder if President Bush could pass this test

Heck, I wonder if he could even take this test?