Monday, July 09, 2007

not that old

Kevin Arnold
a.k.a Fred Savage
is 31 today

his career has really
after the wonder years

...oh wait


Teri said...

are you kidding me? that's ancient!

Zed said...

He was an adorable kid. Not so much an adorable adult. But nice. Wait, didn't I see him in some series about office workers in the last year or two or three--one that I've obviously already forgotten because it was THAT bad?

Jim said...

If you haven't seen it yet, watch "RULES OF ATTRACTION"... the cameo by Savage is worth it alone!

Nobody™ said...

Wasn't he in that show "Working"? That show was superior to The office.

I think he also played Oswald in teh NickJr program of the same name.

But yeah, pretty much nowhere indeed.

Lynda said...