Monday, July 02, 2007

guest post

My deepest sympathies to all those who are not
on vacation this week..

And now ladies & gentlemen
A guest post from the charming & twisted
Mr. Dick Small

back in '68, when Jen (Star-Child) and I were both staying at
Lotus Point, we had formed a committee to bring in somebody
to help the rest of "the family" with their meditation breathing practices.
We noticed in the local paper, a man named Paul was giving lectures on
the subject, so we thought we'd go ahead and have him come to the commune
and give several one-hour seminars. We meditated on it, got good vibes about it,
so we asked Paul to come. We never did that again. Ever.


Doctor Mom™ said...

As I understand it, that's not all that Paul gives out freely!

Anonymous said...

Yes, he's a VERY giving individual, inDEED. TOO giving, really...

Lynda said...

I thought Star-Child had a thing for Paul.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lynda, she swore me to secrecy.
But yes. Yes, she does.

Micgar said...

Hi Jen-I just got tagged-I am supposed to ask you to post 5 ways to bring up your positive vibes. see my blog for details

coffeypot said...

I wouldn't want to shake hands with him, either.

Blue Beak said...

"Only those who know how to breathe will survive."
- Pundit Acharya