Wednesday, July 25, 2007


There's a tree frog living on our grill...

My entire life I have never actually seen a tree frog
I've always heard them at night making their "tree frog sounds"
but never seen one until now


Every time Tim takes the cover off the grill
there it is.. clinging to the side
just hanging out

Tim picks him up and
places him in the plants - just so Mr. Tree Frog
doesn't accidentally jump into the flames
because that would be unpleasant...

The frog is welcome to live on my grill..
whatever floats his boat

But I feel bad for him - maybe he was exiled from the trees
by all the other tree frogs

or maybe it's a new species of "Grill Frog"
and I have discovered it

I shall call it the
"Slack Weber Genesis Deck Frog"


❉ pixie ❉ said...

So cute!

Lynda said...

Awww! Do you live in the boonies or something?

I love these types of posts, btw.

Jen said...

it's kinda boonie..

Grant Miller said...

Rhode Island is totally freaky.

dirty said...

Oh so cute!

Beth said...

This could be a great children's book!

sir jorge said...

great picture, that's awesome

Nobody™ said...

Can you blame him? What better place to live than on a Weber Genesis! I just have wasps living in mine..

Mel said...

man am I a loser nothing is living in my grill! We have lizards that hang out on our deck though.

He's a cute lil fella , you should name him! 2 of my greyhounds will not go out at night in the summer because they are afraid of the tree frog noises. They are really loud here, but my dogs are wimps.

Teri said...

ah, the child you'll never have!

congrats. take good care of it then release it out into the world of frogs.

mixednut said...

I wish I had a tree frog.