Monday, July 23, 2007


A documentary shot at the College Republicans'
annual convention complete with pro-war
college kids who refuse to go to Iraq themselves.

great clip - watch it


Grant Miller said...

Jesus Christ.

Amy said...

Wow, Tom Delay is a bigger ass than I thought.

SushiBoy said...

I was in the ROTC before I got booted for asthma. Most of my fellow cadets were more than ready to kick some terrorist face. Most of my friends from that era have been deployed multiple times. Most of my friends leaned right.

Yes the war is a giant screw up at this point. Blame Rumsfield, for racing to Baghdad withough clearing all the trash on the way there. But I think it's a mistake to leave Iraqis there to be butchered just because we made a mistake and want to forget about it. It seems to me that this war is all about political gain (on both sides of the aisle). Its time to turn this war over to the Generals and get the fat headed politicians (on both sides) out of the war.

I guess my point is that most of the people I agree with politically lean right. I don't like Tom Delay (aka the Hammer) and his barely legal tactics. The folks in this video don't represent me just like the eco-terrorists don't represent most people on the left.

Just Sayin'

(can't we all just get along?)