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Just wanted to say thanks again
to everyone who helped me raise money for
the Providence Animal Rescue League

When I started fund-raising
I was hoping to get $200

Thanks to your generosity I was able to raise
over $830!!!

Your donation will help the
Providence... Animal Rescue League continue
their hard work saving animals.
Take a look at your donation dollars at work...
• $20 provides vaccinations for one animal
• $30 provides one medical exam
• $150 feeds PARL cats for one week
• $175 feeds PARL dogs for one week
• $200 provides one spay/neuter surgery

Your contributions meant a lot to me
and it really helped a great cause.

I cant thank you enough
I'm lucky to know you guys!!!

Thank You:
Lee C.
Beth C.
Deb & Dave A.
Jim L.
Kathy C.
Ann L.
Julie K.
Irene P.
Jo-Ann J.
Diana F.
Ann & Lu
Dan H.
Ken K.
Teri "the great"
Andy "epic donation" Pantaloons
Amy M.
Chris H.
Josh K.
Dave M.
Mel H.
Mr. Grant Miller, Esq.
Chris "Soul Brotha" H.
Rebecca B.
Bev B.
Tim & Mary O.
Deb M.
Omer L.
Bill H.
Cheryl H.
James C.
Jonathan "jonjon" P.
Pat & Jack L.
Lance A.
Danny Y.
Jeff P.
Dave G.
David D.
Stacey S.
Raycene & Mark C.

You guys ROCK!!!!!